Rehearsing the play! S L O W D O W N. . . . and enunciate!!!!

//Rehearsing the play! S L O W D O W N. . . . and enunciate!!!!

Rehearsing the play! S L O W D O W N. . . . and enunciate!!!!

Oh my!  I always forget how far the children come in the elocution of their character’s lines in the play!  So we began today. . . . and the words just flew out of their mouths with little expression and voices too quiet to hear on the stage.  I reminded them that when we speak to one another we speak very fast and slur the words together.  We’re from Oklahoma, so we also say things like, “Jeet?” “No, ju?”  for “Did you eat?”  “No, did you?”  (They always laugh when I demonstrate!)  I then remind them that they will be trying to make about 500 people understand their words, and that they are telling a story through the dialogue.  So, we begin the lessons in elocution.  It’s a delicate balance learning to enunciate without losing the expression.  I have found that I have to let some things slide and just begin correcting a couple of things at each rehearsal.  Plus, this is my kid’s first theatrical experience and I don’t want to browbeat them, I want to encourage them!   I always tell them I love to act, because I get to be someone else and I get to become a character maybe far different from my own personality.  Then, for the next month, they will hear me say 1000 times, “Every word counts!”  So, we begin and they are so excited and so eager to do a good job!  I know that on December 16 and 18, they will certainly have learned some things about acting, and maybe even have caught the theatre bug!!


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