Is it already October?

//Is it already October?

Is it already October?

Time always passes quickly, but with each new school year, the time seems to go faster until I feel like I am sledding down a steep hill.  It seems only yesterday that Labor Day was my target date to feel “in the swing” of school, and now here it is five weeks later, and I am thinking “Oh, my goodness, Christmas is just around the corner!”  I should have known better. . . . Hobby Lobby has had those Christmas trees up for weeks now and I’m already getting bookoos of catalogs in the mail.  So, OK, here we go. . . it’s time to think about planning the Christmas program.  I say think because at first, I just have to let that idea roll around in my head for a week or so.  Creativity can’t be forced.  That’s why you have to start early, just letting your mind be free to think lots of different thoughts until some sta sticking.  Then one thought seems to spawn another. . . then another. . . . and finally they begin to stick to each other in a way that makes sense!  That is when things get really exciting and you present your ideas to your colleagues and your students.  I adore that time!!  My energy levels rise and I have such fun in the classroom.

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