Just want you to know that our production of “The Reindeer Rebellion” was a smashing hit!  I used my eighth graders and created a whole unit on theatre production assigning onstage and backstage roles to each student.  These kids really stepped up and got involved.  I’ve heard lots of comments about how this was our best Christmas program ever!
That does so much for a teacher’s motivation and for the school music program!  Thanks for sharing your gifts with others!

Christie O. from St. Joseph Missouri
Performed with eighth grade students

I was fortunate enough to have your support two years ago for my first production at this school. I am looking forward to another great play from you. I have
only good things to say about you, your plays and the website!

Sherri F. from Port Rowan, Ontario

Doing this play was a wonderful experience for my students and me!  They thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the work.  Our school does not do regular Christmas programs,
so this was a treat for our student body.  I’m sure this will begin a tradition, though.  We got so many wonderful comments.  My class got the most benefit out of it, however.
I had no idea they would work so hard.  They have not been so excited about anything this whole year.  I assigned parts to some students with special education needs,
and they came through like champions!  Thank you so much for the play and ideas.

Amy B. from Leighton, AL
Performed with Fourth Grade Students

I had never put on a performance before for our school and the testimonials I received were all favorable. Everyone loved
the play and said it was the best they had seen in years.

Terri L. from Stonewall, OK
Performed with 11 & 12 year olds

My principal told me that this is the best music program that we have ever had. We enjoyed your play and the creativity it allowed us to have.

Linda W. from San Antonio
Performed with 4th and 5th Graders

The students at this school don’t have many opportunities to participate in these kinds of productions.  It was so much fun to do this play with them.  The parts were easy for them to learn
and they really added their own personalities to the parts.  We loved doing it and the audience of parents and community loved seeing and hearing it.
I hope that we can use Santascenes again next Christmas.

Kathleen B. fromWhiteriver, AZ
Performed with third through seventh grade students

This play was the fourth Santascenes play that we have used for our annual Christmas Program. The students and staff at our school enjoy your plays so much. We especially enjoy getting the costumes and props together. Our students are emotionally behavioral disturbed, and it is so rewarding to see them memorize their parts and have smiles on their faces while they perform. They actually start asking about the play at the beginning of the school year. We are ready for this year’s play!!!

Susan P. fromWhiteriver, AZ
Performed with 4th -8th graders and 3 adults

This was our second Santascenes play.and I am looking forward to doing another one next year.  Thank you for your creativity and great service!!

Brandi N. from Gainsville, TX
Performed with 7th and 8th Graders

When I was first asked to put on a play I wasn’t sure how I was going to do it . It just so happened that my mother, also involved with the play, found your website. It was a
blessing. We thought all the plays sounded cute so we picked one. The play was so easy to follow and the your suggestions made it even easier to work with.
We had so much fun. Students came up to me later to ask if we were going to put on another play because they were interested in trying out. All the parents
were also very pleased with the play. Thank you so much for coming up with an easy approach to putting on plays especially for the
not so talented teachers trying to put them on.

Anna L. from Gainsville, TX
Performed with 6th — 8th Graders

The play was a hit with my drama students.  They thought the play was so funny and you could tell they enjoyed practicing on it!  They were so excited for the performances.   Parents, students and faculty who watched the performance loved the show, especially when we rolled a brand new Harley Davidson on the stage for Santa’s new ride!  It was a great experience for me to have a play that was age appropriate for my students and my target audience readily available!  I look forward to working with you in the future!

Terri L. from Stonewall, OK
Performed with 11 & 12 year olds

Last night, we had our production at our school of “Shimmering Star Search” and it was wonderful.  We had a group of teachers that got up to perform “All I Want For Christmas
Is You.”   This play was so much fun and my principal absolutely loved it.  This is the first time she has really loved a play of mine.

Holly W. from Fayetteville, NC
Performed with elementary students

It was a great play – easily adaptable to include the number of children who wanted to participate; the sets were easy to prepare and the children and parents
really enjoyed it!  It was our first play and it went so well we plan to make it a Christmas tradition!

Amy B. from San Antonio, TX
Performed with nine and ten year old students

My students performed REINDEER REBELLION… LA Rebeldia de los RENOS (in Spanish)  Was a great hit considering the time we had to prepare… we ended up making the
reindeer antlers out of mesquite branches!.. it was so fun.. and our two boys had fun rapping…. in the middle scene!  The play was great–we had fun..
and oh, so did the kids.. ha … the parents couldn’t say enough!

Magdalena O. from Edinburg, TX
Translated into Spanish (with permission) and
performed with eight. nine, and ten year old students

My fourth grade class performed the play for the whole school K-5.  Everyone enjoyed it! It was unique and different from the traditional plays we have put on in the past. The
students had a great time! I am looking forward to using one of the other plays next year. Thanks for providing them at such a reasonable price.

Cindy H. from Opelika, AL
Performed with Fourth Grade Class

Susan, this play was wonderful!  Our cast enjoyed it so much and the school loved it!  We useda real Harley Motorcycle for Santa to ride in on.  A fourth grade
teacher drove Santa in!  The song “Leader of the Pack” was playing!  It was the hit of the play!

Allison H. from Citronelle, AL
Performed with Fifth Grade students

I have used two of your plays:  Leader of the Pack and The Reindeer Rebellion.  Your plays are great!  The kids really enjoyed them.  I really appreciated the flexibility they offer.
I work at a Psycho educational facility and everyone was VERY impressed with the students’ performances for the past two years.  Your plays offered
my students a chance to SHINE, and I am very thankful to you for that.

Jennifer M. from Dublin, GA
Performed with Special Ed Students, K through 8th grade

I used the play for church performance, didn’t have to really make any changes.  The audience received it well  and the cast enjoyed performing their parts.
It worked out really well, thanks for helping me to introduce something different to my church family.

Stephanie E. from Pineville, LA
Age group used varied from elementary through adult

I had never put on a performance before for our school and the testimonials I received were all favorable. Everyone loved
the play and said it was the best they had seen in years.

Terri L. from Stonewall, OK
Performed with 11 & 12 year olds

The adults and kids alike loved this play.  It was nice to have tradition, but with a twist!

Tonya D. from Goodland, OK
Performed with students in Grades 1-4.

The students did an outstanding job, and the school and parents were  thrilled.  It was a wonderful experience for students and me as the director

Joy B. from Bloomsburg, PA
Performed with 4th Graders