Techno or No Tech?

//Techno or No Tech?

Techno or No Tech?


Merry Christmas, North Pole! . . . Who? . . . What? . . . How much memory do I have? . . Well, I think I still have it all . . . hot spots?. . .isn’t that a little personal? . . .
Really? . . . Well, we are having some problems . . . you could? . . . Well, sure, when can you be here?

Confusion stirs the air of Santa’s workshop as Elvin and the other elves try to smooth out a master list that is in disarray, while the reindeer keep grumbling about who gets to take the lead this year.  After a phone call promising technical help, a couple of geeky and bossy computer nerds named Harold and Irene arrive at the Pole, bearing boxes of computers, smart phones, and GPS trackers.  Things look very promising until Santa discovers that NO ONE is getting any work done!  It seems one of his elves, Bernie, has fallen in love with Siri on his smartphone, while his beloved Mrs. C is burning her famous cookies because she is suddenly captivated with her newfound Facebook friends.  Finally everything comes to a standstill when a mega snowstorm hits, and the wireless signal is lost.   The Nerd Herd (teacher/staff special performers) comes in to help, and Santa calls a HALT to this newfangled way of doing things. He lovingly reminds his crew that it is the “magic of Christmas” that makes this labor of love come together.  Christmas is saved, the sleigh is packed, and Santa and his reindeer (plus a geeky nerd) fly off into the night without a moment to spare!

Characters:  Santa and Mrs. C;  The elves:  Ollie, Trixie, Bernie, Elvin, Kringle;
The Reindeer:  Blitzen and Rudy;

The Nerds:  Harold and Irene;
Siri;  The Nerd Herd:  faculty and staff

and the “Extras”– other Reindeer, other Elves, other Nerds and the optional Nativity characters.

Time:  With singing groups between the scenes, allow one hour!

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