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Shimmering Star Search


Seven Cities. . .
Tens of thousands of merry music makers. . .
One shimmering spectacle . . .
Coming soon!

Another round of auditions right here at the North Pole,
the HO – HO – HO – Home of the original Rock’n Roll Christmas!

All the girls know that Merrie Mistletoe is a sure bet to win the Shimmering Star Search auditions.  That is except Merrie herself.  Then there are those cocky reindeer—CoCo and his band, the Peppermints.   So smug and cool, they are so sure that they have this contest tied up with a bright red bow.  After much persuasion by Cinnamon and her little elf cronies, Merrie finally agrees to perform. . . .Hosted by the suave Ryan Starcrest (and assisted by that eternal teenager, Dick “Deck the Halls” Clark), the contest is judged by who else, but Paula Poinsettia, Simon Snowflake, and Randy Jingles.

At just the moment of the big announcement, Simon pops off one too many times and Randy gets nose to nose with him, inviting him to “take it outside.”  Jingle bells interrupt the moment when a surprise visitor, the Merry ol’ Elf himself, comes out of the audience onto the Shimmering Star Search stage.   Santa give both cast and contestants a good scolding– reminding them that Christmas isn’t about demanding star power, but about offering our gifts in service and love.  All ends well when CoCo invites them all to a big caroling party and asks Merrie and her girls to join him and the band in a rousing duet of “Jingle Bells.”

Characters:   The elves:  Cinnamon, Merrie Mistletoe, Maxie, and Sprinkles
The Reindeer:  Vixen, CoCo, and Rudy
The Shimmering Star Search Regulars:  Ryan Starcrest, Simon Snowflake, Paula Poinsettia, Randy Jingles
Others:  Dick Clark, Santa Claus, Crew Member, and Director
The “extras”–Groupies of the Band, and the optional Nativity characters.

Time:              With singing groups between the scenes, allow one hour!

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