Merry Christmas, me Hearties!

//Merry Christmas, me Hearties!

Merry Christmas, me Hearties!


Shiver me timbers!  If ye be havin’ the gall to look across the briny deep, ye’ll be
seein’ such a booty that would make even the queen blush.  Methinks me
might be seein’ the mother lode right here in me ol’ spyglass!

Eliza can’t believe her own eyes!  Right there in her spyglass is a big red sleigh just waiting to be pilfered!  Captain Greybeard comes along just in time to fix his gaze upon the large and amazin’ treasure and calls for the mates to quickly hoist the mizzen!   While Santa and the elves hurriedly load the sleigh, the pirates burst in and surprise them, taking everything. But afterward, the thrill of the lootin’ just isn’t there and Eliza confronts the Cap’n with their error in judgment..  Together they nostalgically remember Christmas past and the jolly ol’ creature who brought them the spoils  of his bag.  With a change of heart and just in the nick of time, the pirates return the stolen booty.   Because time is so very short, the pirates agree to help Santa by commandeering their ship to deliver toys to the South Pacific. Later they all meet back at the Pole for the Christmas pageant.  “Yo, ho, ho, ho, over the raging sea we go!”

Characters:  Santa Claus
The elves:  Ollie, Siofra, Alfie, Twink, Deidra, Livvy, Graciela
The Pirates:  Eliza, Dutch Pete, One-Eyed Maddie, Captain Greybeard, Jolly Jules
The Children:  Sara and Joey Townsend
The “extras”:  Add extra pirates and elves, also Nativity characters (optional)

Time:           With singing groups between the scenes, allow one hour!

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