Everywhere, It’s Christmas!

//Everywhere, It’s Christmas!

Everywhere, It’s Christmas!


I’ve come to offer my services.  I want to be-a his navigator, like-a. . . you know, Rudy’s sidekick.  I want to see-a the world, to fly with the MAIN MAN.

A charming, unflappable Italian by the name of Mario searches the world from Antarctica to Africa in search of his adored Befana. . . (you know…HO HO HO, Santa Claus!) Along the way, he and his new friends introduce the audience to Sinterklass and his companion Black Pete from Holland. . . Hoteiosho and the New Year’s traditions of Japan. . . . the breaking of the piñata during Mexico’s La Fiesta de la Posada. . . as well as Papai Noel of Brazil and his noisy helicopter ride into Rio. During the play, the true story of the emergency that led Franz Gruber to pen Stille Nacht. . . (you know, . . Silent Night!) is shared by Heidi, Elga, and Anna after Mario interrupts the singers and insists the story be told. Finally, Mario meets his hero, Befana, who shares with him the story of Father Brebeuf and the first carol of the New World, the hauntingly beautiful Huron Carol.

Characters:  Mario or Marietta, Dr. Iceberg, Pierre, Jose, Anna, Heidi, Elga, Greta, Kiko, Pablo, Marci, Santa (Befana), Kristkind, Noel, Father Brebeuf, the Nativity characters (optional) and many opportunities for “extra actors”

Time:  With singing groups between the scenes, allow one hour!

***Suggestions for Christmas music from around the world are given in this play!

Click Here to read a preview of the scenes!

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