An Alien Christmas

//An Alien Christmas

An Alien Christmas


Christmas, Christmas.. . My computer cannot seem to make sense of this humanoid holiday.  Keep your spatial antennae wired, Yazz.  We must find out more!

Tired of the same old galaxy hip hop, Yazz and Nog scan the airways for something different when they intercept what they think is Tango music coming from the Andromedas.  When their computer pinpoints Earth as the source of the strange phenomenon, they decide to beam down to the galatically inferior planet and see just what is going on.  There, they encounter a little girl named Mindi, who, along with her family, introduce them to their first American Christmas. The Yuletide, seen through the eyes of the “cool dude” Yazz and the very proper, intellectual Nog, will entertain and delight your audience!  Two endings are available–a traditional Nativity ending or an optional ending–both by way of the aliens’ old time traveler.

Characters:  Yazz, Nog, Santa, Mindi, Ryan, Mom, and Dad and “extras”–elves and other children, plus optional nativity characters

Time:  With a singing group between the scenes, allow one hour!

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