Summer musings

//Summer musings

Summer musings

Teachers, like students, love summer vacation!  The last month of school is an utter blur of activity, with every group trying to get its last hurrah in.  As an elementary music teacher, I am no different.  Between a joint spring program and my Singing Express Choir’s final performances and parent tea, I was feeling a little cranky and ready to close that door for a few weeks.  But as I put things away, the old familiar stirrings began, and as I have every year for umpteen years, I began to make notes to myself for next year. . . try this mixer dance on the first day of class. . . don’t forget to add this old-time Halloween song to your October lessons. . . how ’bout some light sticks attached to costumes for our Christmas play next year?  I suppose a teacher’s mind is never completely at rest and that’s what I love about hearing from teachers from all over the USA and Canada.  You all take my plays and do the most unusual things with them.  I love hearing from you about what you added in the way of scenery, how you got parents involved with costuming and props, and especially love hearing how your Christmas program using one of my plays was the best ever!  Not just because of the script, but you tell me how the kids were super excited and more motivated than ever before!   And your feedback tells me something else that I treasure–YOU are the one whose creativity gets kicked into high gear and YOU are the one who finds doing the yearly program a true labor of love instead of the dreaded curse. So summer begins and so does my yearly correspondence with teachers like you from all over!  Write me. . . let’s chat!

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