Help. . . . .It’s time to plan the Christmas program!

//Help. . . . .It’s time to plan the Christmas program!

Help. . . . .It’s time to plan the Christmas program!

Yep, it’s that time!  I haven’t even carved my pumpkin yet, but the books are open all over my desk and my computer screen is all lit up with Christmas program ideas.  It’s time. . . I can’t put it off any longer.  Let’s get this Christmas program planned.  Here’s some tips to help you get started:

1.  Planning is key.  So get a yellow legal pad and just start jotting notes down.  Don’t wait until the ideas are perfect.  Just start jotting!

2.  Hopefully, you have a date set and cleared with your principal.  I always check the basketball/wrestling schedule also to be sure there isn’t too much of a conflict for our school’s families.  

3.  Choose your main theme for the program.  If you haven’t checked out our Christmas plays, I hope you will today.  We have seven great titles for you to choose from.  Our plays will give you an instant theme, and then all you have to do is choose the music.  In my schools, I let the oldest group (fifth grade) do the play, so it is important that I know my fifth graders well and have given thought to their strengths and weaknesses.  Then I will just insert the singing groups (I have Kindergarten through Fifth Grade) between the scenes.  It is a BIG deal in my schools to be a fifth grader and get to be a part of the Christmas play!  They look forward to it so much!

4.  Choose the music!  I keep a very detailed list of each year’s music for each grade level so that we don’t sing the same songs every year.  I realize that my audience probably wouldn’t remember, but I want my students to have the chance to perform lots of different songs over their elementary school years.  I love to use the traditional carols and fun Santa songs, so I let each group  sing two songs.  The music selections do not have to match the play.  They just need to be age appropriate and entertaining, as well as educational for the children.  There are lots of ideas on Pinterest and on the web to add to your performance of the music.  I often use instruments and smaller groups in front of the whole group to act out the story of our song or do a special dance.  I also keep detailed lists about who has been asked to help with the special groups because I want to be sure lots of my kiddos get to be involved.  

After you get this much work finished, it is time to sit back. . . enjoy the rest of October and early November. . . then we will visit again about what comes next!  Until then. . . . Happy Halloween!

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