Christmas Plays by Santa Scenes

Welcome! If you are looking for a way to jazz up your next Christmas program or just need a little stand-alone play, you have come to the right place! Written by a National Board Certified Teacher in elementary music, these plays have tickled and delighted audiences all over the USA and Canada. Each Santascenes play is royalty free, great fun to direct, and comes with instant download with each purchase!

Click on the play covers to read a synopsis of each play and see pictures of our productions!  You will also find a list of characters for each play.  If you would like to read a preview of the play, please click on the “Preview” link that will take you to another page with two or three scenes of the play for your perusal.

What makes our Christmas plays so popular with teachers and students?

  1. Each of our Santascenes plays is comprised of five or more scenes that are designed to fit in between musical performances by different grade levels or groups of singers. You may not have that many singing groups. No problem! Simply run two scenes back to back. Or should you just want a great little play for your upper elementary or middle school students, you can perform these scenes simply as a stand-alone play, without the musical groups. This format allows you, the director, the flexibility to choose the music you want and still give your students the chance to experience the magic of theatre! If you have any questions, just shoot us an email and we will help!
  2. Our plays are kid approved and audience tested! Each has been written for Susan Lauderdale’s classes and have delighted her audiences for over twenty years. Now other teachers from all over have used them and loved them! Read some of the comments on our testimonial page.
  3. When you purchase a Santascenes play, you have the performance rights to it from now until forever. Repeat it as often as you wish and never pay a royalty fee. Also, you only need to order one copy, as permission is granted to copy the script for your actors. Now that’s easy!
  4. These plays are very adaptable—if you don’t have as many actors as needed, just combine lines to make it work. Or if you need to add lines, feel free to do that too. Our plays are copyrighted, but we want you to make it work for your group!
  5. Each play has an optional Nativity scene for those who want to present the story of the Christ Child.
  6. After your payment is made with a credit card or Paypal, we will send you an email with a link to download the notes and script of your play. Then in just a few days, you will receive the hard play booklet through the mail with some other helpful items, such as artwork for your program, a sample letter for parents, costume ideas, some simple staging ideas plus some musical suggestions. What a deal!
  7. Need to use a purchase order? We have included an option to order it with a check or money order and a place to put your purchase order number. We will send you the email for instant download and then bill your school or organization. No money out of your pocket!
  8. ***Please note that there is no music or accompaniment CD included.***