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Leader of the Pack
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Yea, sure, when Santa Claus gets your letter–why, half of them don’t even write me letters anymore. They just tweet me their Christmas lists from their iPhones. These kids today are too sophisticated for an old man in a red and white suit. These merry dimples and this jelly belly are definitely out! Oh, and the stump of this old pipe–why, it keeps me out of all the public places in town.”


With that, Santa decides he will shed his old image.  He gives up the “stump of his pipe” and the classic red suit and trades them for some slick duds and a new Harley (who uses reindeer anymore?)  No longer is he recognized as “Mr. C” though, and instead of the adoring looks of children waiting to sit on his lap, he is met with stares of disbelief!   Mrs. C. and the elves are at their lowest point when they sing that old tune “Leader of the Pack” (revised words included in script).  Finally, not wanting to lose his biggest fans, the children, Santa hurriedly does a quick change back into the ol’ red and white.  He loosens his belt and calls for his reindeer just in time to board his sleigh!!

Characters:  Santa, the elves:  Mitzi, Fritz, and Sassy; the reindeer: Vixen, Rudolph, Mrs. C, and “extras”–the other seven reindeer, plus the optional Nativity characters

Time:  With singing groups between each scene, allow one hour!


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