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Blog | Absolutely Darling Christmas Plays


Is it already October?

Time always passes quickly, but with each new school year, the time seems to go faster until I feel like I am sledding down a steep hill.  It seems only yesterday that Labor Day was my target date to feel “in the swing” of school, and now here it is five weeks later, and I am […]

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Rehearsing the play! S L O W D O W N. . . . and enunciate!!!!

Oh my!  I always forget how far the children come in the elocution of their character’s lines in the play!  So we began today. . . . and the words just flew out of their mouths with little expression and voices too quiet to hear on the stage.  I reminded them that when we speak to […]

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Help. . . . It’s time to plan the Christmas program Part 2

Well, I hope everyone had a really fun Halloween and are now turning their hearts to the gratitude of Thanksgiving.  In the midst of turkey songs and Thanksgiving hymns, it is time to work on the Christmas program too—especially if you are like me and only see your students twice a week.  So hopefully you […]

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Help. . . . .It’s time to plan the Christmas program!

Yep, it’s that time!  I haven’t even carved my pumpkin yet, but the books are open all over my desk and my computer screen is all lit up with Christmas program ideas.  It’s time. . . I can’t put it off any longer.  Let’s get this Christmas program planned.  Here’s some tips to help you […]

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Hurrah for October!!

It’s here. . . .the month I adore. . . .the pick weather month of all. . . . OCTOBER!!!   Can you tell how much I love this month of cheery orange pumpkins, corn shocks, striped gourds, candy corn, and Halloween?  My younger students and I have more fun singing Five Little Pumpkins and Skin […]

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Back to school! (Do I havta?)

I’ve always said that as soon as the Fourth of July shows up on the calendar, my summer vacation as a teacher is over. . . .which, of course, is not true, because the Fourth actually falls about smack dab in the middle of my summer.  Yet, the days seem to just lazily meander through June, giving […]

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By |August 6th, 2014|Blog Posts|0 Comments

Summer musings

Teachers, like students, love summer vacation!  The last month of school is an utter blur of activity, with every group trying to get its last hurrah in.  As an elementary music teacher, I am no different.  Between a joint spring program and my Singing Express Choir’s final performances and parent tea, I was feeling a […]

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