Back to school! (Do I havta?)

//Back to school! (Do I havta?)

Back to school! (Do I havta?)

I’ve always said that as soon as the Fourth of July shows up on the calendar, my summer vacation as a teacher is over. . . .which, of course, is not true, because the Fourth actually falls about smack dab in the middle of my summer.  Yet, the days seem to just lazily meander through June, giving me the feeling of total freedom and the luxury of time.  But as soon as those July 4th fireworks cool, time begins to pick up speed with a snowball effect—faster and faster until I crash headlong into the first day of August.  So what’s a teacher to do?  Well, of course, I just dust myself off, put on my best teacher face, start my to-do lists, and begin going by my schools to peek at my classrooms.  All summer long, I remind myself often of how much I love September and the coming of fall.  I just need to stick my toe in the water, and then I’ll be ready to dive in head first!  I love those first weeks of seeing the different personalities of the classes, watching my third graders’ complete joy with their new recorders, meeting my kindergarteners (if only I could remember all their names!), seeing our new big kids on the block (fifth graders) taking leadership roles, and just loving all the others in between.  Then comes my favorite month of the year, October, with all the Halloween fun and wonderful music and lessons (what better way to show students how to sing than for them to imitate that floaty high ghost sound?)  Somewhere, along about then, I begin to really think about what my Christmas program is going to be.  I know so many music teachers start way earlier, and I applaud you.  It’s just that I don’t really get down to brass tacks until about mid-October.  (I see some of you shaking your heads!!)  For me, prayers go up, and creativity comes down about the 15th of October!

Well, today I have spent a good part of the afternoon on Pinterest as I have started a new Santascenes Pinterest page.  You will find it at  It’s still new, but there you will find some interesting stuff—a synopsis of each of our Christmas plays, testimonials from teachers all over the country, a fun board called Santascenes TV that has our YouTube links on it, and then one that I hope many of you will contribute to, Our Fave Christmas Pix.  If you have used one of my plays, I hope you will send me some pix from your production and I will pin them to that board.  You’ll be hearing from me soon about that.  Also, you will find some other boards with just teacher stuff on them—all great pins from others who walk a similar road with me.  I hope you will check out my Pinterest page, and then PLEASE follow me, and I in turn will follow you.  Isn’t that what teaching is all about—sharing ideas??

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